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Japanese Embroidery Information

Consultation Process


An initial consultation fee of £50 is payable in advance prior to the consultation date.  This will then deducted from the final price.

A Consent form will be emailed to you which must be completed prior to the consultation and brought with you on your first visit. Your consultant will discuss your general health and any possible contraindications.

A patch test will be applied at least 24 hrs before your Japanese Embroidery is undertaken. The patch test can be sent out prior to the treatment, or you can sign a waiver on the day of your treatment but you must confirm your waiver by ticking the relevant section of the consent forms.

We discuss the shape of your brows and the problem areas you wish to address. We also discuss the effect you wish to achieve and your preferred brow shape and design. Your consultant can advise and inspire and show examples of brow shapes which will work with each client’s face shape and brow type, your consultant will then draw the brow design in pencil so you get an idea of shape and form.

A photo will be taken of you so your consultant can study the symmetry your features and advise how realistic your expectations are and the likely result that will be achievable.


Consultation Day:


Please arrive least 10 minutes before your appointed time.  Late arrival could lead to your appointment being postponed to another day due to other clients who may be scheduled for their appointment after yours.

Your brow area will be cleansed with sterile, hygienic pads and the brow form will be drawn on to your skin. Your consultant will then take a photograph so that you can see the probable end result.

A numbing cream will be applied and covered with clear wrap and left for 20 minutes.

A Sterile Micro-blading tool and disposable blade will be used during your procedure.

Only EU Regulated Permanent Makeup high quality Pigments, specially manufactured for Micro pigmentation will be used.

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